Pure Proper are a production company specializing in affordable video production for use with social media promotion for Brands, SME’s and micro businesses.

Pure Proper LTD is a collective of digital new media experts with experience working with businesses to promote their products and services through video production.

Our list of clients includes Bars, clubs, venues, events, emerging musicians and SMEs throughout Cardiff and the South Wales area. Offering affordable, quality marketing fit for 21st Century.

Suntory @ Lab 22 from Pure Proper LTD on Vimeo.

We offer innovative and unique video production delivered to companies ready for the digital age. We develop your online presence and help you connect with your customers, while building an image of fun, engagement, and professionalism.

We utilize the changing digital landscape to market our clients businesses through our professional services at an affordable cost to S.M.E’s

We undertake the complete production of videos for our clients to promote their business directly to their potential customers through social media channels.

We will manage and promote the complete marketing needs for our clients virtual presence on the Internet

If you would like any information please use the Contact Us form on the Contact Us page.

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